Wuxi HanShen Electric Joint-Stock Co.,Ltd.
Service Promise
Wuxi Hanshen Electric Co., Ltd. insists on being customer-centric and provides your company with complete pre-sale and after-sale training such as installation, commissioning, training and maintenance.
1、Pre-sale service
Before signing the contract, the company provides customers with various production process solutions, technical consultation of laser equipment, samples, equipment selection and other services.

2.Installation and commissioning
According to the contract, our company will safely transport the equipment to the installation site specified by the user within the specified time free of charge, and send a technical service engineer to install it on site. With the basic installation and commissioning of spare parts, the technical service engineer will complete the installation and commissioning of the machine for users within 1-2 days to ensure that the installation and commissioning site environment is neat, clean and orderly.(Due to the COVID-19, this service will be provided online.)

3.After-sales training
The company provides free technical training. After the installation and commissioning, the buyer’s operator will be trained for at least 1 day at the buyer’s site until the operator has basically used the equipment. The main training content is as follows:

Training on the use of common drawing software:

Training on the use of control software;

Training of switch operation regulations;

The significance of the panel and software control parameters, the training of parameter selection range;

Basic cleaning treatment and maintenance of the machine;

Common hardware fault handling;

Problems that should be paid attention to in operation;

In addition, it also provides customers with related technical support for their products. (Due to the COVID-19, this service will be provided online.)

4、Equipment maintenance
The equipment is guaranteed for one year free of charge, the laser is guaranteed for two years, and lifetime maintenance. Free technical support, software upgrades and other services.

Customer service response time is within 24 hours, and remote areas respond within 48 hours. Provide maintenance services for life.

After the warranty period expires, extensive hardware and software support is still provided.

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